Meet the Leadership

The team at Prepaid Technologies has been helping banks and businesses navigate the complex payments landscape for nearly two decades. With extensive banking and payments expertise, we understand the challenges and opportunities that growing businesses face. Our team has worked with hundreds of businesses to capitalize on market opportunities, and navigate regulatory requirements to build and maintain profitable prepaid programs.

Tommy has always been a forward thinker. After spending 27 years as a senior executive at a large regional bank, he realized there were unmet opportunities in the electronic payments space. Harnessing his entrepreneurial spirit with a focus on quality, he started Prepaid Technologies and this company has become the answer to these opportunities. 18 years later, Prepaid Technologies continues to use innovation and technology to make payments more effective, creative and efficient for customers from coast to coast. (more…)

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Thomas M. Mcculley

Chairman & CEO

Stephen is a marketing guy and a problem solver. With experience in advertising and over 10 years in financial services, Stephen is who you want quarterbacking your next payments opportunity. He’s been with Prepaid Technologies since 2007 and leads our world-class team of professionals to deliver Tommy’s original vision of quality every day. (more…)

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Stephen E. Faust


Gylmer Bicksler

Director of Partner Development

Tonya Marshall

Director of Operations

Sarah Eskridge

Director of Corporate Rewards / Incentives

Mary Bradley Anderson

Senior Account Manager

Megan Power

Senior Account Manager

Cameron Sanford

Senior Sales Representative

Ellen Faust

office manager

Lucy Lavette

Account Manager

Nancy Mills

Accounting, HR & Operations Manager

Abby Vaughan

account manager

Colman Beale

Chief Financial Officer