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Learn more about how prepaid programs from dash™ and Prepaid Technologies can help streamline your business.

Construction managers know the challenges of managing cash flow caused by unpredictable factors like labor-intensive projects, remote workers on multiple job sites and lags between billing and collection of receivables. Traditional paper checks are inefficient, wrought with fraud and bog down operations; but there’s a better way to pay. We help construction companies use electronic… Read More

Financial institutions need to expand their product suite to remain competitive and acquire new commercial customers, and prepaid payments cards generate significant opportunity. But as increased regulatory oversight put more demand on banks to invest in specialized resources and navigate myriad requirements, many banks realized there’s a better way to offer prepaid. Complexities of the… Read More

Payroll cards are an increasingly popular alternative to paychecks across many industries because of their convenience, cost savings and security. But many businesses aren’t aware of the benefits and overestimate the business requirements to get started. If your business is considering going “paperless,” there are five things you should know about switching to payroll cards.… Read More