During this unprecedented time, your customers may have emerging new needs for electronic, remote and contactless payment methods that can support employees and business continuity efforts.

Reference: Prepaid Technologies Payroll Cards are acceptable and approved accounts to receive COVID-19 Relief Payments. Click here for more information.

Pay remote employees, contractors and 1099 workers: Replace checks with paycards

Paying people by check has become more difficult or even impossible, and check cashing creates exposure risks for employees. Paycard solutions provide more flexibility and reliability for both employers and employees. Once set up, wages and other payments can be funded instantly from anywhere, and workers can access funds or pay bills online or via mobile app. Download more information on payroll cards and other payment cards.

Keep cash flow moving and control company expenses

Many organizations rely heavily on petty cash or expense reimbursements to run day-to-day business activities. In times like these, they may need a faster, more reliable way to keep cash flow moving. This is especially important for business-critical functions whose normal operations have been disrupted. Purchasing or per-diem cards can be distributed quickly and funded instantly so that the most essential teams can maintain operations. Download more information on purchasing and per-diem cards.

Simplify corporate disbursements for community support, donations and gifts: 

Prepaid gift and disbursement cards give organizations a way to distribute funds for a variety of purposes. Cards can be created with custom messaging, loaded in real time with any amount and distributed immediately. Recipients have instant access to the funds without any wait. Contact us for more information.

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